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Same Day Computer Designed Crowns

We now offer patients the latest in Dental Technology with same day computer designed crowns. For anyone who has had a crown made, it usually involves multiple visits, messy impressions, temporary crowns and several weeks to complete. Now, thanks to the newest technology we are able to forget about all of that. No more impressions, no more temporary crowns and no additional appointments.

Same Day Crowns, sometimes called CAD-CAM Crowns, refers to the ability to design and make crowns right here in our office.

The procedure follows like this:

1. Our patient comes in and is anesthetized locally as always and the tooth is prepared as in the past.

2. Instead of an impression, we have a scanner which records pictures of your tooth to be crowned and surrounding teeth as well as your bite. The resulting model on the computer is an exact duplicate of your mouth.

3. The patient can then wait in the waiting area taking advantage of our WiFi service or massage chair while the crown is then designed   by the computer, doctor and assistants. Once complete, the designed crown is sent to a mill in our office and the crown is completed.

4. Within about 60 minutes, the patient's crown is bonded into place and Voila! done. No temporaries, no further appointments required.

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